Fond memories

When you have fun, then you are more interested in learning!

Welcome our new team members and happy birthday to Xu Yi, Xiaoxin and Charlotte. Look forward to another fruitful year! July 2023

Faculty of Medicine Building L704, where I joined and started my research interest in liver cancer 20 years ago. We had a long-awaited gathering with the former students and staff of L704. I am so so so happy to see them again! July 2023

A happy farewell dinner for Nick and Susan. Nick is an excellent FYP student who worked very hard in the past one year. We wish him all the best in his MBBS study. Susan has been in my team for 10 years. I am so lucky to have such a good member and truly grateful for her contribution to the team. I am pleased to see her going to have her own laboratory. Add oil! June 2023

I’m really glad to share the happiness with Sze Keong on his special day 💍 He is my former PhD student and postdoc, and now my friend and colleague in HKU. May his marriage be filled with love and happiness. June 2023

Had a fun day outside of the laboratory. BBQ with my team at Tai Tam. February 2023

Thank you guys and gals for throwing a surprise birthday party for me. I’m so so sorry not be able to come back to join. Thank you Samuel and Zhixian for delivering the flowers, presents and cakes to my home. I am so grateful for all the arrangements. This is definitely the best post to start 2023! We acknowledged CPOS for the 3D printing 🙂 January 2023

It’s great to meet up with our former post-doc, Sze Keong, in Singapore. He treated me to dinner at a restaurant with nice local dishes. I am really glad that he is doing great. April 2022

Thank you so much for the presents and cakes for my birthday! January 2022

Happy Birthday to Cherlie and Yaoyue! December 2021

Happy Birthday to Zhixian and ChenLi ! November 2021

A heartfelt farewell to our PDF Sze Keong! We are truly thankful for your contribution throughout the past decade. All the best for your future endeavour in Singapore. October 2021

Happy Birthday Samuel! August 2021

Happy Birthday to Xuyi! July 2021

Happy Birthday to Sze Keong, Belle and Nansen! April 2021

A fancy Omakase lunch with my team. Happy Birthday Susan! March 2021

Happy Birthday Tony! February 2021

Thank you all for the present, beautiful hand-drawn birthday card and delicious Lady M cake. January 2021

Happy Birthday to Cherlie and Xiaomei. December 2020

Happy Birthday to Samuel. August 2020

The first dinner in a restaurant with my team since COVID19. Congratulations on Bonnie’s completion of PhD study and Angel for her submission of PhD thesis. We also welcome Samuel back to our group. July 2020

Celebration of our PDF Sze Keong’s birthday during COVID19 pandemic. April 2020

Thank you all for your blessings for my anniversary and birthday. January 2020

A brand new start in 2020! Dinner buffet at Grand Cafe. Thank you all for the flowers. January 2020

Dinner with my team at Gyukaku Japanese Yakiniku. July 2019

Chinese New Year gathering. February 2019

Visited my PhD supervisor, Professor Hsiao at CNY.  She doesn’t age! February 2019

Celebration for my birthday. Thank you all! January 2019

Dinner together at Volcano Grill! November 2018

Gathering at Outback. July 2018

Thank you Zoe for treating us to dinner. Congratulations Dr Leung! June 2018

Chinese New Year gathering with Terence and Stephanie. March 2018

Lunch with my team. December 2017

Dinner at Hungry Lobster. August 2017

Visiting my former PhD student, Edith, who is living with her wonderful family in Melbourne. July 2017

Hot pot dinner! December 2016

Chinese New Year gathering with kids. February 2016

Dinner at Thomas’s Celebrity hot pot restaurant! Very delicious. December 2015

Gather together in Chinese New Year🧧February 2015